Who Is Triceyfashion?

Hi! I’m Autumn Brown —- college student, writer, aspired fashionista, cake lover, and the author and founder of Triceyfashion. While it may seem a little unoriginal to begin with,”For as long as I could remember,” this happens to be the case for me. I love fashion and writing and I’ve been doing it since I was able to fully comprehend the word “fashion”,  latest trends, and the art of writing.

Creating social media pages for my fashion blog was not initially my first step in building my career; or at least it wasn’t the way I expected to begin my career. But like everyone, we all have our beginnings and it seems as though this blog and these social media pages will be the start of mine.

People who like and follow me won’t be disappointed. After all, my posts focuses on fashion for teens and young adults, celebrity wear and the latest stylish trends. Effective immediately – March 2, 2017 –  Triceyfashion will now be offering online fashion consultant services. For more info,  just follow the “Our Services” link via homepage. 


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