What’s simpler and more affordable than this outfit? *Wink*

Fall Season Trend - Outfit 3

If you’re looking for something comfortable and easy to lounge around in, this outfit could be for you! When I saw these two items, the first thing that came to my mind other than fall, was that it would be perfect for one of those laid back Fridays (or weekends).

I’m loving number one, for several reasons. If you saw these pair of pants and thought they were jeans then you’re on the right track. Except these aren’t your normal denim jeans. These are “Bleached Denim Joggers” from Forever 21. Aside from them being stylish sweatpants, they offer a drawstring so it comfortably fit your waist!

Bleached Washed Denim Joggers

With number two, I simply love the idea of an open knit sweater. According to the reviews, it’s a little lighter than the picture which would be even better for this outfit. It’s comfortable and made of cotton to keep you warm without the baking you in the process. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a brilliant “Open-Knit Chevron Sweater” from Forever 21; hurry before they’re all sold out!

Open-Knit Chevron Sweater

Having this outfit and a nice pair of Converse sneakers, can give you the best look of the day. And when you’ve given this outfit a try, send me a pic. I would love to feature you all!


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