We’re so plaid it’s flannel season!

green-slash-navy-forever21-varsity-striped-plaid-flannel-shirt-screen (1)Is it just me or has everyone gone crazy for plaid? From miniskirts to pants, over sized scarves to statement coats, the timeless print is on fire this season and there’s no slowing it down ! Whether you’re a tartan fan or into the 90’s grunge look (like myself ) designers have put together lines of patterns to create that perfect style for you. Anything goes! Below you’ll find some hot styles to piece together the perfect outfit for both guys and females! And if you ladies are interested in adding this stylish flannel plaid to your wardrobe, click the image above below to purchase it !



A nice faux leather skirt, denim shorts, and a skater skirt puts on the perfect classy, fancy, floral, laid-back look.

  • Leave two or three buttons on the top unbuttoned for a relaxed look to “open” up your face and revel some skin.
  • Look for plaids with cute details for a hard core feminine edge.
  • Add accessories into the mix. How about jewelry, beanies, scarves, or a belt with your plaid?


The most basic of flannel fashions are usually the most classic. Rather than putting so much detailing in your outfit, wear a plaid flannel with your favorite pair of jeans, slim bottoms, or leggings. Adding a nice pair of combats also helps with the flannel’s ‘woodsy’ vibe and helps compliment the outfit.


Flannels are the absolute perfect layering accessory. If you own any loose-fitting tops that match the flannel’s color scheme, try putting it over the plaid. Roll up the sleeves of the flannel and adjust the collar to finish the look.


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Use a plaid skirt for a classic “school girl” look. It’s a great way to show everyone that you can be both sophisticated and sexy all at the same time. Start by picking a plaid skirt with muted colors like red, blue, forest green, or any neutral color. Then pair it down with an elegant white button top. Or be daring and toss on your favorite crop top or graphic tee. Finally, throw on a pair of knee socks and flats to finally complete your look.

METHOD 2 : For Men

STYLE 1 : Lumberjack look

When it comes to fashion for men, “ruggedness” is a popular trend. To perfect that timberland, masculine, rugged look, pick a flannel plaid n traditional colors ( red’s always a winner ) and pair it with comfortable jeans and heavy caulk boots.

  • White and black tees are perfect shirts to wear underneath for this no-frills outfit.


STYLE 2: Lighthearted charmer

Bright colored plaid shirts aren’t just for women. Show off that buoyant charm of yours that we love and adore. Bright plaid flannels go well with a basic tee and jeans or shorts if you’re trying to go with that casual beach-bum look. Alternatively, you can pair a plaid dress shirt with a pair of khakis or grey dress pants for a bold, semi-formal look.



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